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Re: Redirecting with 301 lost from Google index?

__/ [ madsgormlarsen@xxxxxxxxx ] on Tuesday 14 March 2006 12:26 \__

>> Either  way, the technicalities will be contained in Google's manuals  for
>> sitemaps. You will need to have a list on the old site which onlya
>> contains
>> the  URL's in the new site. As far as Google is concerned, this should  do
>> the  trick. Make sure you also redirect all pages, either at page-level or
>> at server-level.
> Hi Roy
> Thanks for the suggestions.
> I think I will try this, however stange i seams to me, because if I
> send Google to my new site, how can I be sure I will not disappear all
> together from google? I have found out I an not alone, in fact somebody
> has set up the "301 club" for people like me! And the situation sems to
> be, that google somehow bans you from there index for 9 months when you
> do a 301. So if i direct google to the new site, can I be sure they do
> not just ban my old site?
> /Mads

I heard similar stories from people whom I know electronically. See for


I have just noticed that David from this group appended a comment as well.

Hope it helps,


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