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Re: Open Space (was: To promote Open Source in Belgium)

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__/ [ Mathew P. ] on Tuesday 14 March 2006 20:15 \__

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Have you patched it yet?

> On 2006-03-14, Rex Ballard spake thusly:
> - ----------------8<--------------------
>> moving up, who's moving out, who's supportive, who's a "problem".  When
>> they encounter a "problem" - they can suggest a candidate with
>> outstanding credentials who would be great at "managing this problem"
>> (putting him in a dark room and giving him sh*twork intil he resigns).
> - ----------------8<--------------------
> Have you ever seen the movie, "office space"? There was the guy
> that kept getting demoted because he was an "embarassment"
> until he ended up in the basement where he had been for, like,
> 10 years. Nobody knew he was there because the excutives thought
> they had fired him, but the computers kept spitting out
> paycheckes for him automatically because he was never
> officially fired.
> :-)

Actually, he kept getting paychecks while working in the cubicle upstairs.
Only when they found out did they send him downstatirs to the basement.

        "exxxcuthe me, Mr. Lunburgh, I think I didn't get my paycheck"

The 'hero' in that film did merely nothing and just pretended to have been
kept busy in his cubicle. Something to do with the millennium bug if I
recall correctly. Great film, that one. Makes you think.

Best wishes,


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