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Re: New dot EU Domain name

__/ [ seo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Saturday 18 March 2006 12:19 \__

> Hi,
> How will the introduction of dot eu domain names change search engine
> optimisation.
> Does anybody think that search engines will introduce a search "pages
> from europe only" option, like the option that is currently available
> at google.co.uk etc?
> Regards
> Phelim O'Connell
> CEO, EU Internet
> www.euinternet.com

There are good reasons to suspect that this direction will be taken. Here is


Another reason would be demand from the cutomer. It is easy to implement and
it it has a market, it will sooner or later become a reality.

I initially thought that results would be aggregated from all localised
search engines (e.g. google.be and google.co.uk), but results are returned
which resemble the results from the internationalised (.com) site. Then
again, I get /almost/ the same with Google results in continental Europe.
The exception is the UK, at least for the SERP I am using as a test (it's
very term-dependent). The .eu suffix should simplify matters, I suppose.

Best wishes,


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