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Re: Bot-generated reply?

Good Morning Roy,

Thank you for your friendly & constructive reply.  Of course I took no
offence, I was and still am a little unsure if our continued posts
offering advice & possible service would be appreciated.  I wonder if
rather than posting in my previous fashion if I stopped all posts which
solely offer our services in place of posts which give free advice but
add a foot note like:

"Still struggling? ... Visit us at www.uklaptoprepairs.co.uk or call us
on 0800 043 2524 (Mon-Sat)
FREE courier collection, FREE Estimate, Fixed Labour Rates from £59 -
£89+vat MAX! All Component Level Laptop PC & Apple Mac work
considered, with full guarantees."

?? this would be in place of any future direct offers of service.  I
have to be honest I do want people to know we are here but pay per
click & sponsored links are out of the question at the moment owing to
the fact that our margin is barely break even versus our staff costs
&overheads, having said that my service ethic refuses to make the
customer pay over the odds for labour intensive repairs, it is
imperative that our rates remain fair.  I just hoped that being a
little cheeky & posting here would help point more people in our

Thanks again Roy, I know this may seem a little unusual but you seem to
be extremely helpful & in the know! if you get a moment I wonder if
perhaps you could give me a call so we could have a quick chat about
this, I am eager to pick your brains for a couple of minutes, if you
call 0800 043 2524 I will ring you back to save your bill.
Alternatively a quick reply to this post would be very much

Kind Regards


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