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Re: [KWrite] Editor settings

__/ [ Nico Wessels ] on Wednesday 17 May 2006 16:21 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I suspect that your settings may be dropped once you quite Kwrite. What
>> files (if any) do you have under:
>>         ~/.kde/share/apps/kwrite
> I don't have this folder under .../apps/
> But doesn't matter! I'm going to use kate now

It's much better. I was using KEdit for about a year. What a miserable
mistake that was! KWrite was so much better in every respect. Having used
KWrite for about a year I came to realise that _again_, Kate is much better
because it fosters many 'editors' simultaneously so-to-speak (even
transparently over FTP), much like tabs. That's when I began to use it
exclusively and even threw away the purpose-specific MATLAB editor.

>> What about Kate? Any luck finding your settings there?
> Yes, here everything is all right!
> Another "problem": can I change the folder which is displayed by default
> when clicking on the open icon? By default the folder "~/Documents" is
> selected, but I'd only like to have "~/". Sorry for such a simple
> question, but I couldn't find such an option

In my case, this happens to be the directory from which (if any exists) Kate
gets involved. Maybe it's just the last 'active directory'. Try running Kate
from the comment line at ~. You may possibly want to set up an alias such as 

,----[ Command ]
| alias kate='cd ~ && kate'

Then, make it permanent by adding this command to ~/.bashrc (or other files
that get invoked at the start). 

Hope it helps,


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