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Re: [News] Ubuntu Gets Professional Packaging

__/ [ Ryan McBride ] on Sunday 21 May 2006 14:38 \__

> schestowitz wrote:
>> http://linux.wordpress.com/2006/05/20/ubuntu-goes-super-boxed/
>> This is a package that is not free however.
> Translation: they expect to sell three units per quarter.

Not funny.

> http://linux.wordpress.com/2006/05/20/ubuntu-goes-super-boxed/
> "This is really looking sexy looking box and to include the 300 pages
> manual is excellent idea. The only criteria is that you should know German.
> These Germans are simply riding the wave of Open Source, fisrst the SUSE
> 10.1 Starter-Kit and now this box."
> *LOL*

No, if you are in Germany, you are better off getting a free SuSE version,
which is better than the retail box and includes codecs, many programs,
DivX, DVD support, and so forth. No need to download or install anything...


> Your hero, Comrade pIk, will be well pleased.

Again, quite redundant.


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