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Re: [News] Encouraging Game Developers to Make Linux Ports

Oliver Wong wrote:

>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>> Linux Gaming Made Easy
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>| Going Native.  With the possible exceptions of Battlefield 2 and
>>>| perhaps World of Warcraft, I simply can't see the advantage in
>>>| supporting games that choose not to support us. To me, the short
>>>| answer to this is to support those gaming companies that have worked
>>>| very hard to make sure that Linux admirers are not being left out in
>>>| the dark.
>>> `----
>     The author seems to be under the misconception that games are
> interchangeable. e.g., whether I use OpenOffice or Microsoft Office, the
> end result is pretty much the same, therefore anyone who is loves Super
> Mario Kart is should be perfectly fine with Tux Racer, right? Or people
> who like Morrowind Oblivion should enjoy a good game of NetHack. Or People
> who like Warcraft III should settle for Battle for Wesnoth, right?
>     Generally speaking, if a gamer wants to play game Foo, then game Bar,
> which is of the same genre or style, isn't going to cut it. And most
> gamers will buy whatever it is they have to buy in order to get their game
> working, without any thoughts of idealogical principles of FOSS vs CSS or
> Linux vs Windows, etc. Case in point: I didn't buy the XBox360 not because
> I hate Microsoft, but simply because there were no good games for it. But
> now that it's been announced that "Guitar Hero 2" is going to be released
> for the 360, I'm strongly considering getting a 360.
>     Boycotting games that haven't been released on Linux may be a noble
>     act
> and all that, but if the end goal is getting companies to publish more
> games for Linux, I think this strategy is short sighted. 

Why? If said game programmer doesn't support my chosen platform... it's
natural to boycott them. Why would I support them, by buying a game that I
cannot play, when other game developers (linux game developers) are

If they don't support Linux, then hey... I won't give them my money. It's
call a free market place economy... the market decides.


Jerry McBride

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