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[News] Microsoft Dares to Appel EU Antitrust Ruling

Microsoft says appeals 281 million euro fine

,----[ Quote ]
| Software giant Microsoft has filed an appeal against a 280.5 million
| euro ($356.4 million) fine the European Commission imposed in July,
| holding it defied a 2004 antitrust ruling.


I think it's about compliance (i.e. facilitating interoperability and
revealing those back doors which the French and Germans have already found)
more than it is about the fines.

So, Microsoft continues to stifle competition. Maybe it can also whine to
poppa for some assistance.

US ambassador to the EU was former Microsoft lobbyist 

,----[ Quote ]
| Before C. Boyden Gray was named as George Bush's number one person in
| Europe, he was a lawyer lobbying on behalf of Microsoft. 


US politicians go to bat for Microsoft


Feds seek formal extension of Microsoft antitrust deal

,----[ Quote ]
| The U.S. Department of Justice and Microsoft on Wednesday filed a
| formal application for a two-year extension of portions of their
| landmark antitrust settlement, with the possibility of stretching it
| until 2012. 


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