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[News] Good News to AMD is Good News to Linux

AMD shows big profit but Intel nibbles margins 

,----[ Quote ]
| Chip firm AMD showed a big jump in profits for its third
| quarter financial period, but its gross margins fell,
| while it also reported some manufacturing problems.


        Today: AMD FX 70, 72 and 74 specs tip up 


        Today: Quad AMD core to arrive Q3 2007


        Today: AMD starts to EOL its chips 


Of some interest:

        Nvidia at work on combined CPU with graphic 


Also see:

Intel: Only "Open" for Business

,----[ Quote ]
| These vendors often want a quiet private discussion, because
| in a quiet private discussion they can continue to dismiss the
| requests and in the end do absolutely nothing. They do not
| want a noisy public discussion, because then they look bad.
| But they DESERVE TO LOOK BAD, because they are being bad to
| those who bought their hardware!


Previously accused of stifling competition/innovation (e.g. 64-bit) as
means of strengthening the duopoly. Scare tactics anyone?

German anti-trust officials received complaint against Intel

,----[ Quote ]
| The Financial Times claimed the FCO has in its possession a letter from
| a Saturn employee that implied Intel gave the retailer financial
| incentives not to stock AMD-based PCs.


Will there be an Open Source GPU/CPU, in line with Sun's GPL'd

,----[ Quote ]
| Then I wondered whether AMD's acquisition might result in the
| opening up of ATI's graphics drivers, which are now
| distributed only in binary form...


What about Linux-targetted optimisation?

,----[ Quote ]
| AMD apparently wants to set up a research group in Dresden
| not only to optimize Linux for its own processors,
| but also to integrate the requirements of the open
| operating system in the development process for
| future processor generations...


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