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[News] Analysts Reduce Microsoft Estimates on Vista

Vista promotions to cut Microsoft revenue

,----[ Quote ]
| UBS AG's Heather Bellini, Institutional Investor
| magazine's top-ranked software analyst, reduced her
| estimate for sales to $12.6 billion from $13.4 billion
| and sliced her profit estimate to 32 cents a share from
| 38 cents. Goldman, Sachs & Co.'s Rick Sherlund also cut
| his estimates for the fiscal second quarter ending in
| December.


Another $900 million will be spent on Vista advertising (the
sheep & brainwash approach---see below). The increase in R&D
spendings (additional $1.3 billion), by the way, was argued
to be bad news and a sign of weakness. The analysis I read
this morning aligned with mine.


Also see:

Apple's share of U.S. PC market jumps to 6.1 percent

,----[ Quote ]
| Sales of Apple's Macintosh computers over the past twelve
| month's have grown faster than any other major PC
| manufacturer, boosting the company's share of the
| U.S. PC market to 6.1 percent, according to data
| released by Gartner on Wednesday.


Linux is argued to have greater and wider deployment than
Macs, even on the desktop alone.

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