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Re: [News] Two-faced Promise

  • Subject: Re: [News] Two-faced Promise
  • From: Mark Kent <mark.kent@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 14:37:48 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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arachnid <none@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> On Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:22:48 -0700, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Microsoft opens virtual drives for free
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Microsoft said on Tuesday
>> | it would allow anyone to use its specifications for "virtual"
>> | drives, which enable one computer to run several operating
>> | systems, with the promise never to sue for infringement of
>> | its legal rights.
>> |
> Playing the amateur-prognosticator game here:
> Microsoft wants to gain total control over VM technology just as badly
> as they wanted to gain total control over the Internet. To do so they've
> got to take out Parallels, VMware, and Xensource. They can't just buy all
> three because the antitrust regulators would block them. So what they
> really want to do is kill two and buy the third. And to make it look good
> for the regulators, they need to buy one while the other two are
> "competing".
> Right now they're a little involved with Xensource. MS is (in)famous
> for stabbing their partners in the back so I think Xensource is
> doomed. It's a hard call between the two survivors. Parallels is used on
> Macs to run Windows programs. but VMWare has a stronger technology and
> is probably a bigger threat in the corporate arena.
> I think MS will buy VMware, replace Parallels with it on Apple machines,
> and give it away for free to Mac users thus taking away Parallels' "air
> supply". Then they'll shove the knife into Xensource's back.
> Chances are I'm wrong about exactly how it'll play out, but I'm certain
> they will buy one those companies and try to kill the other two.

It would certainly be par for the course for MS.  Personally, I'm not
sure how critical this piece is going to be, though.  As Linux continues
to grow in usage, in the server, in embedded, and on the desktop, then
the need to do virtualisation will evaporate as rapidly as Xensource
will when MS knifes them.  MS are fighting yesterday's battle, here.

| Mark Kent   --   mark at ellandroad dot demon dot co dot uk  |
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