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[News] Two-faced Promise

Microsoft opens virtual drives for free

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft said on Tuesday
| it would allow anyone to use its specifications for "virtual"
| drives, which enable one computer to run several operating
| systems, with the promise never to sue for infringement of
| its legal rights.
| [...]
| Earlier this year, Microsoft said it would team up with Linux supplier 
| XenSource to supply the virtual specifications 
| to permit Windows and Linux to run on the same
| machines.


Then again, the new EULA states that there's a catch.

Microsoft Vista licence restrictions hit hardware hard 

,----[ Quote ]
| While the expensive versions of Vista, Vista Ultimate
| and Vista Business, can be installed within a Virtual
| Machine environment, Vole forbids you from doing so
| with the cheaper Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium.


Sounds like a survival/money-milking strategy. It's also an
acknowledgement that Linux is not going away. If you can't
beat the enemy, attempt to join it...

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