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Re: Did Roy S. miss this one by George Ou?

Larry Qualig wrote:

This person will simply see all these ridiculous osts and move on
looking for something worth reading.

Nice typo - OSTS - Operating System Tantrum Starters ;-)

Let's see, if I wasn't at all remotely interested in Linux, then I would just subscribe and avidly read posts to be turned off by them. Hm.

So, again I ask, why are you here? If your statement is true, and you do find this group ridiculous.

Effective advocacy is to tout those things
that Linux does BETTER than other systems, not those things that it is
starting to catch up on.

Define *YOUR* "better". Free-er, less-virus-prone better, working-the-way-I-like better or otherwise?

It's bewildering why so many people think that simply posting hundreds of mindless posts somehow equals advocacy. I could write a script over the weekend that does the same thing as Roy. Since my script would do little more than post links to any story with Linux or DRM in it does that mean that my script is now a Linux advocate?

That's nice, that would save Roy a lot of work. Of course, if you published the source, we could help with improving the parsing rules, and make it more intelligent, sorta like a spam filter, so only the useful stuff gets posted.

So Larry, would you like to contribute to a good cause? :-D


change to leews to mail

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