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Re: Top-tier Laptop Has Linux Preinstalled

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> First top-tier thin client notebook runs Linux

Top-tier laptop, huh? What exactly makes it top-tier other than their
own say-so?  I think that IBM, Fujitsu, Toshiba etc who have been
making notebooks much longer and who have more experience would be more
of a "top tier" notebook than this vendor who few have ever heard of.

Neoware says that its m100 allows all files and applications to remain
on remote servers, "where they are better protection from data theft."
The device will support standard thin client remote access
technologies, including Linux XDM, Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP, SSH, and
terminal emulation.

Another "thin client" computer. How did "thin client" computing work
out the first time around?

The MAJOR problem with this is the complete lack of local storage. This
pretty much makes it useless for doing any work on an airplane, or in a
taxi-cab or in many of the other hundreds of places that don't have
internet access.

Personally I don't see this going anywhere. If someone is really that
concerned with a laptop with data being stolen they'd buy one with a
encrypting disk controller. The encrypted data written to disk is just
as secure as what's sent over an SSL connection. But without the
ridiculous limitation of forcing the user to have high speed internet
access present in order to do anything useful on the laptop.

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