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Re: [News] Zune Set to Become Another Budget Drainer?

__/ [ Roy Culley ] on Monday 16 October 2006 22:37 \__

> begin  risky.vbs
> <114gcgp6hwco8$.dlg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> Erik Funkenbusch <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> More reposting of the same links again.
> Poor wee Erik. Pissing into the wind as usual. Haven't you sussed that
> Roy S doesn't see you inane posts Erik? He couldn't care less how many
> inane replies you make.

I can see them when a non-troll replies. *grin* But at least it's properly
snipped (and funny)!

> Now please enlighten us to you master plan on spamming COLA with your
> crap?

The links appendage is highly appropriate as it connects the new articles to
previous articles which many lurker have not yet seen. This may prove useful
to folks who research or those who need a broader, more elaborate
perspective. A few extra bytes don't hurt if the text is properly isolated
(which it certainly is!). The fact that trolls complain about these only
implies that their employers wishes for the facts never to be seen. It's too
damaging, but the truth is out there. And this media outlet cannot be
bought, whereas shills like Erik are a dime a dozen. Shill for Bill, hunt
head for bread. Rex remains the main messenger to attack (justifiably so

Best wishes,


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