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Re: [News] Do my posts seem nonsensical?

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006 10:03:57 -0400, DFS wrote:

> Peter KÃhlmann wrote:
>> DFS wrote:
>>> The Ghost In The Machine wrote:
>>>> In comp.os.linux.advocacy, schestowitz@xxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> <schestowitz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>> wrote
>>>> on 12 Oct 2006 18:45:39 -0700
>>>> <1160703939.378882.299880@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>>>> Prolly.  But posting MS bashing in a lino newsgroup will do that
>>>>> to a fella.  Nevertheless, it gets old.
>>>> So does making silly posts.
>>> You never seem to complain when Roy S. posts hundreds and hundreds of
>>> silly posts.
>>> Why?
>> Several reasons:
>> Roys news posts aren't silly
> They're beyond silly.  Many are outright lies, anti-MS insults or off-topic. 
> And there are hundreds of them each week.  Absurd.  I don't see them, of 
> course, since I killfiled the little boy a long time ago.

Roy is out for Roy and nothing more.
He thinks he is harming the trolls, but he is not.
He is in effect trashing the Linux users own group and scaring away any
potential new Linux users because they will be confused when they first
wander into this group.

>> Additionally, he does not try to impersonate someone else
>> As flatfish is trying here.
>> This imbecile linux-hater knows no bounds
> How do you know it's flatfish?  You don't, of course, yet you still sling 
> accusations.

He doesn't, never has and never will.

It's just a convenient way for him to ignore anti-Linux posts.

> Actually, flatfish seems to be a regular Linux user who actually advocates 
> Linux.  He just doesn't like some of the "advocate" idiots, like yourself. 
> Neither do I.


I've been using Linux longer than some of the loonies in this group have
been able to read.

I point out Linux's good as well as bad points but my primary role here is
to expose the Linux loony kazoonies for the liars that they are.

And there is no shortage of material to work with.

> btw, the insult you want to use is imbecilic.

Peter gets lost when he wanders far from the one word he knows: *idiot*.

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