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Re: Roy Schestowitz: Oh man

cc wrote:

> Sean Inglis wrote:
>> On Wed, 11 Oct 2006 15:49:57 +0100, tjb wrote:
>> > Sean Inglis <ingliss@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >>> Please, for the love of $DEITY, stop.  You have made this group
>> >>> unusable.
>> >>
>> >> Or, for the love of $DEITY, continue to post. You have steered this
>> >> group on topic from a state of useless decay, and continue to
>> >> effectively advocate Linux.
>> >
>> > No.  He has turned a discussion group into Roy's News Blog.
>> >
>> Nonsense, anyone is free to post here. Roy is certainly prolific, but if
>> you dislike Roy's posts, filter them out. He has gone to trouble to
>> ensure that doing this is a trivial matter for anyone truly interested in
>> doing so.
>> >>> I don't want to have to killfile all of your news posts, because I
>> >>> want to
>> >>> read *some* of them.  The problem is simply that you post too many --
>> >>> far, far too many -- to the extent that the group is flooded.
>> >>
>> >> There is no way to know which you find useful in advance, and no
>> >> reason to cater to your particular tastes.
>> >
>> > I'm not suggesting that there is.  Nor am I suggesting that he post to
>> > suit
>> > me.  What I *am* suggesting is that he floods the group.
>> >
>> Your use of the word flood appears pejorative. This group has relatively
>> low posting activity of any kind compared to many others. The posts Roy
>> makes are unique (as in they are not continuous repetition of the
>> same news articles/adverts), relevant and entirely in line with the group
>> title.
>> This group is scarcely "flooded" with messages full stop. Your complaint
>> seems to centre around the ratio of Roy's posts to the total (modest)
>> number of posts. It takes about 30 seconds to scan the headers of a full
>> day's worth and decide which you want to read. If you find this too
>> onerous, sort by poster and scan Roy's separately. There are a number of
>> simple solutions to your "problem".
> Here's a simple solution : as advocated by Hadron : colons in his honor
> : post a fricking digest. How hard is it to make 1 post at the end of
> the day with all the days news? A lot easier than all of us setting up
> killfiles and filters and crap like that. You know what happens if you
> go Hadron's way? Everyone wins! Imagine that. People who enjoy reading
> the useless news can still read the useless news, people who don't can
> skip it very easily. I fail to see how this doesn't benefit everyone.

You missed one vital thing: Hadron Quark is a wintroll. A nasty one
Another thing you totally missed: The linux advocates in this group *want*
it the way it is now.

Got it? 

You windows lovers simply are not in any position to change this group
according to your whims
Warning: You have moved the mouse. 
Windows will reboot now to make the change permanent

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