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Re: Roy Schestowitz: Oh man

Jamie Hart <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> tjb wrote:
>> Jamie Hart <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Just to add that he does post some really good ones.  This is why I'm so
>>>> hesitant on killfiling here.  The problem is the sheer quantity of the
>>>> posts.
>>> Buy a clue.  If he cuts down the volume, he may well cut out
>>> something you'd want to see.
>> The point is that the line has to be drawn somewhere.
> Why?
> Please, I'm serious, why do we have to draw a line?

It should be obvious if you're not a raving loony.

>> Currently, Roy *isn't* posting a million articles every day, and thus he's
>> very probably (in effect) cutting out something I'd want to see.
> If he's posting all the news he can find, them he isn't missing out
> anything.  Please don't set up any more wonky strawmen, it doesn't
> work.

Let people find their own news : all Roy does is steal links and
deprive the originating sites of hit count.

>> Would
>> you, on this logic, conclude that I would like to see Roy post a million
>> articles a day?
> If Roy wants to post a million articles a day, I'd have no

See? You're clearly certifiable. This is a discussion newsgroup not a
news RSS feed. Big difference.

> objections. I'd rather he posted more linux ones and less windows
> ones, but I wouldn't go so far as to whine about it like you and
> Hadron do.

And loads of others.

>> No.  There must be a cut-off point.
> Why?


>> I am arguing that he is already exceeding it.
> And doing a piss poor job of it.

No : makes sense to anyone but the zealots.

"And spellchecker won;t help." : Roy Schwestowitz from comp.os.linux.advocacy.

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