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Re: Roy Schestowitz: Oh man

__/ [ Geico Caveman ] on Wednesday 11 October 2006 16:00 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ Sean Inglis ] on Wednesday 11 October 2006 15:30 \__
>>> tjb wrote:
>>>> Please, for the love of $DEITY, stop.  You have made this group
>>>> unusable.
>>> Or, for the love of $DEITY, continue to post. You have steered this
>>> group on topic from a state of useless decay, and continue to
>>> effectively advocate Linux.
>>>> I don't want to have to killfile all of your news posts, because I want
>>>> to
>>>> read *some* of them.  The problem is simply that you post too many --
>>>> far, far too many -- to the extent that the group is flooded.
>>> There is no way to know which you find useful in advance, and no reason
>>> to cater to your particular tastes.
>>>> Further, no-one should have to killfile your news posts just to make the
>>>> group usable.  Unfortunately, this *is* the situation now.
>>> It may be perceived that way by you. Not by me or others.
>>>> Now, some have defended Roy on the grounds that the posts flood out all
>>>> the
>>>> FUD and trolling and such.  Well, I can understand this to a point, but
>>>> then if you really don't want to see all that, then why even visit this
>>>> group?  And I think that in this respect the flooding hinders more than
>>>> it helps -- if the group is getting flooded, then when someone searches
>>>> Google Groups and encounters FUD, they won't see any refutation, because
>>>> the FUD is a needle in a haystack to regular readers right now
>>>> (obviously I'm exaggerating, but simply to make a point).
>>> "the FUD is a needle in a haystack". Excellent.
>>> Your logic in this respect is faulty in the extreme. If you want to
>>> browse through instance after instance of juvenile fan-boi pissing
>>> contests, this group is generally of no use to you now.
>>>> Please, please post significantly fewer news posts.
>>> No, please continue. These are small text based on-topic posts with
>>> appropriate links to further detail.
>> tjb,
>> I apologise for that large amount of posts. I really do and I was aware of
>> this as I went along. This morning I caught up with almost a whole day's
>> worth and, moreover, I felt like there were a lot of post-worthy articles.
>> I try not to post to keep up pace, but rather in accordance with relevance
>> and magnitude. Looking back at my posts, I don't think many can be labeled
>> redundant. Most of them symbolise great news for Linux and disappointments
>> for the rivals that suppress Linux. Why there has been so much positive
>> stuff I don't know. Statistically-speaking, the pace should be pretty
>> steady. It usually is because I checked this not so long ago. Bear in mind
>> that this level of Linux exposure was /not/ anywhere near that which you
>> find at present days (not even 3 months ago). I don't count posts, but
>> it's intersting to see that, quite possibly, the emergence and rise in
>> volume is indicative of the fact that more journalists cover Linux, praise
>> it (as oppose to just ignore or bash it) and rivals at the mean time just
>> move from one failure to another. All the media manipulation (acquired
>> bias) can no longer keep Linux in a Pandora box.
>> Best wishes,
>> Roy
> Roy,
> Is it possible for you to do the following :
> 1. Create a news digest that concatenates all these separate posts.
> 2. Use your own judgment to separate out those that are really important
> (like "links between SCO and Microsoft proven") and post them separately.
> ?
> You are doing a fine job and it pleases me to see the likes of FUDbush and
> flatfish snowed under the onslaught, but as they say, we do need a little
> bit of moderation (not the Usenet moderation, but some kind of a golden
> mean) in doing anything we do.

I used to bunch a few in mini digests of related news, but several people
said it was unhelpful (e.g. in replies) and it gave the trolls more room to
breathe, so to speak...

I can try... *smile*

Either way, this morning 'onslught' was oddly powered by a stream of good
news that unlikely to recur any time soon.

Best wishes,


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Hawaiian shirts, China, Suitcase, Martha Stewart, Encryption, Prison,
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