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Re: Roy Schestowitz: Oh man

Jamie Hart <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hadron Quark wrote:
>> Jamie Hart <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> Hadron Quark wrote:
>>>> Jamie Hart <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>>> tjb wrote:
>>>>>> I wrote:
>>>>>>> I don't want to have to killfile all of your news posts, because I want to
>>>>>>> read *some* of them.
>>>>>> Just to add that he does post some really good ones.  This is why
>>>>>> I'm so
>>>>>> hesitant on killfiling here.  The problem is the sheer quantity of the
>>>>>> posts.
>>>>> Buy a clue.  If he cuts down the volume, he may well cut out something
>>>>> you'd want to see.
>>>>> I don't killfile any of the news posts, just skim through them to see
>>>>> if there's anything I want to read, then I mark them all read and they
>>>>> magically disappear from view.
>>>>> Takes a couple of minutes at the most.
>>>> But of course, if he  posted a SINGLE journal we could mark that as
>>>> important and browse that one document at our own leisure and bring up
>>>> the articles from that. But of course Mark Kent has managed to fuck up
>>>> event that simple concept by including all Roy's post headers and his
>>>> inane, misinterpretations of what the article actually says. he even
>>>> manages to separate the link from the article title : pure genius.
>>> Well then, don't be such a crybaby, the source is there, available for
>>> everyone.  Make your own "journal" if that's what you want.
>>> Hell, if you knew anything about linux you could even automate it.
>> Typical Linux view : don't do it right, do it again. And again. And
>> again.
> Yes. Choice.

No. Redundant rubbish which muddies the waters.

> You want one thing, I want something else.  the only way for us both
> to be happy is if there's two different versions.

No. The digest would suit you too since you get to see the advocacy.

>> No, I wont do it : I can for go Roy's links - they are all available on
>> the originating sites.
> Then killfile them and stop whining like a little baby.

I have. Which means I dont get to see the advocacy : same as many others
who have filtered them.

>> Yes, I would appreciate a decent journal - but I certainly wont do one
>> to repeat Roy's spamming of this NG. If Roy posted a journal there would
>> be no issue.
> Yes there would, because some people want individual messages.

Only the FUDMeisters who openly state that its a good thing to flood the
NH in order to squash trolls.

"And spellchecker won;t help." : Roy Schwestowitz from comp.os.linux.advocacy.

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