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Re: [News] Linux (WinE) Takes Another Stride Towards Windows Compatibilities

Mark Kent :
> begin  oe_protect.scr 
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> Wine 0.9.24 released
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| Another step towards the 1.0 release of Wine has been done.
>>| Wine 0.9.24 has been released today. Wine is a compatibility
>>| layer to run Windows programs on GNU/Linux.
>>| Changes to the previous version include:
>>|             * Support for multiple monitors using Xinerama.
>>|             * Various MSI fixes and improvements.
>>|             * A ton of memory leaks fixed.
>>|             * Many common controls fixes.
>>|             * Lots of bug fixes.
>> `----
>> http://www.linux-gamers.net/modules/news/article.php?storyid=1829
>> Probably best for gamers and those who temporarily cling on to old
>> proprietary applications amidst a migration (and a conceptual shift).
>> Some time ago I spotted the following:
>> http://padik.blogspot.com/2006/10/win4bsd-product-to-run-windows-on.html
>>         Win4BSD Product to Run Windows on FreeBSD/PC-BSD Desktop
> I'm not sure that there's anything from the windows world which I'd like
> to run, now.  A few years ago, there were applications, but these days,
> the linux world has everything you need.

Except CS Source? Proprietary crap still has me enthralled as far as
gaming goes, although vdrift has a few hours logged.



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