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Re: [News] Jim Allchin: "Windows Vista Has Been Done Two and a Quarter Years"

On Sat, 28 Oct 2006 04:06:53 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> What did Microsoft learn from Vista?
> ,----[ Quote ]
>| Q: You say you've learned a lot from the whole Longhorn/Vista
>| development process. Could you share some of these lessons?
>| Allchin: What you really want to do is componentize, get the
>| stuff done, make sure you understand the dependencies, easy as
>| one, two, three. But you need to understand those dependencies
>| and then you put the pieces together. And without that, your
>| ability to build large, complicated products -- could be cars or operating
>| systems or whatever -- it doesn't scale. 
> `----
> http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=65
> So, Mr. Allchin has kindly explained to us why GNU/Linux works.
> Over 5 years since Windows XP...

He says what i've been saying for a long time.  Vista development has only
been going for less then 3 years.  From the article:

"Then you say, well, what in the world did you guys do before then? And
I'll say the following: There's a whole set of products that we're not
getting credit for that we did ship. Three versions of Media Center, two
versions of Tablet, and Windows XP 64, a Windows 2003 Server, a Windows
2003 SP 1, which has X64 in it, and a service pack which by any other means
would have been a release, called Windows XP SP 2, which I had thousands
basically of people across — if you total everybody who had something to do
with it — involved in it. I just took these people basically offline."

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