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[News] OS Guru Talks About Linux at the BBC

10 questions to Michael Sparks, OS Guru at BBC (Part 1)

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm currently a Senior Research Engineer who works at the BBC, a
| computer science graduate from Manchester University and have spent
| my professional career prior to the BBC working on scaling large
| scale network systems. I'm a software engineer, and I'm interested
| in improving the tools we use for creating systems both large 
| and small
| [...]
| 3. To what extent is Open Source used in the BBC? Have you for
| example migrated to Open Office?
| This is perhaps the wrong question, but I'll answer as I see it
| directly. It's used on the server side fairly heavily (in addition
| to a number of proprietary tools), and on the desktop side
| proprietary software dominates almost exclusively. In BBC Research,
| open source is heavily used as a development platform however, and
| this drives the use of tools like OpenOffice that support open
| data formats.



,----[ Quote ]
| Reliability and the ability to change code, rather than cost, are
| driving the increased use of Linux at the BBC, according to Damion
| Yates, team leader of internet operations at BBC Technology.
| Speaking ahead of his presentation at the Linux User and Developer Expo
| in London tomorrow, Yates told Computer Weekly that Linux is being used
| on several projects even though there is no overall BBC strategy to
| support open source technology.


(link broken at time of writing)

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