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Re: Even Microsoft MVPs are succumbing!

__/ [ Gordon ] on Monday 23 October 2006 11:32 \__

> A quote directly from an MVP in a Microsoft-hosted Windows XP newsgroup!
> "It is unfortunate for Microsoft; but Linux is getting easier and major
> user friendly with almost all essential home and  business software not
> only available, user friendly and able to transition the users data and
> almost all setting to the Linux platform, but it is also licensing
> friendly. I am very surprised that the Vista licensing policy is more
> restricted than any previous Windows version. I would have gone in the
> opposite direction and would have allowed Vista to be allowed on at least
> two desktop systems plus a laptop and unlimited number of moves to upgraded
> hardware. I don't know who is running the marketing in MS, but they must
> not have any exposure to reality.
> Michael Stevens MS-MVP XP"

>From the mouth of another MVP:

Vista's UI is Better Than This!?

,----[ Quote ]
| Watch and drool. By the way, you can try this on your own PC right now!
| I'm not yet sure how to unlock every one of these visual effects, but
| damn - XGL is impressive...


Vista Will Double Apple's Market Share 

,----[ Quote ]
| Remember how you felt when you saw "The Phantom Menace" for the first time?
| I was overwhelmingly disappointed. That's exactly how Windows Vista RC1 
| makes  me feel, and that's not very likely to change between now and when 
| the OS goes gold. Before now, there wasn't a viable "Google" or "Firefox" 
| for the Windows platform. Between Apple's Boot Camp and Parallels, you're
| going to have to make a strong argument to keep people from finally
| making the switch. And you wanna know the worst part of this
| entire situation?
| Microsoft, in each and every instance, has been its own worst enemy. 


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