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Re: PS3 and Linux

  • Subject: Re: PS3 and Linux
  • From: rgc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Roy Culley)
  • Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 01:53:21 +0200
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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begin  risky.vbs
	B Gruff <bbgruff@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> On Monday 23 October 2006 00:15 Roy Culley wrote:
>> Sony have a great reputation for game consoles unlike MS. The PS3
>> will sell by the bucket load unless Sony really screw up. The CPU
>> power of the PS3 with its cell processors will be staggering. As
>> much as that appeals to me the big win is going to be parents who
>> realise that the 'toy' they bought their kids is also a better
>> system than their Windows PC.
>> MS will be very worried about this. Linux desktops are making major
>> inroads in the corporate / governmental desktop area the world
>> over.  This could be a huge breakthrough in the desktop market.
> Yep:-)
> - it could be that it (linux) is going to get very much more
> exposure AS linux, and that it's going to become "accepted" by the
> population at large.
> Y'know Roy, it could be that very soon you will not be considered to
> be a geek any more - just an early adopter of what everybody
> uses......:-)

Only flatfish has ever called me a geek on COLA I think. I'm clearly
no geek as I have to ask others how to do trivial things (on Linux
they are trivial) on Windows. :-)

If the PS3 truly has Linux support from the get go then I'll have to
buy one for my son. :-)

Security is one of those funny things.  You can talk about being "more"
secure, but there's no such thing.  A vulnerability is a vulnerability, and
even one makes you just as insecure as anyone else.  Security is a binary
condition, either you are or you aren't. - Funkenbusch 1 Oct 2006

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