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[News] Microsoft Steps Deeper Into Hardware


Also see:

Microsoft Looks Within to Design and Test Chips

,----[ Quote ]
| For more than two decades, Microsoft's software and
| Intel's processors were so wedded that the pairingc
| ame to be known as Wintel. But as that computing era
| wanes, Microsoft is turning to a new source of chip
| design: its own labs.


The XBox was the first step. The bridge to Linux-hostile
hardware with TC built in...? This also cuts down the OEM's and
manufacturers that are typically free to make choices
(scare tactics aside).

Snubbing Microsoft, Intel to Offer TransMedia's Glide Application
Suite on Ultra Mobile PCs

,----[ Quote ]
| Glide should also prove less expensive for Intel's hardware partners
| than software licenses for Microsoft Office. And when a Linux-compatible
| version of Glide finally arrives next year, cost-conscious PC and mobile
| device makers will be able to save the cost of a Windows license as well.
| In theory, Glide could be used to popularize the Linux desktop for
| consumers--the Glide environment would serve to insulate users
| from complexities of command line computing.
| It remains to be seen, however, whether Intel's hardware partners are
| eager antagonize the world's largest software maker by marketing a
| low-cost, Microsoft-free PC.


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