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[News] Dell Computers - Windows XP or GNU/Linux

Dell's Move Raises Question: Will Windows XP Compete With Vista?

,----[ Quote ]
| In short, Microsoft has nothing to fear from people who remain interested
| in XP. Rather, Redmond should perhaps start worrying about whether
| there's finally an opening here for open source. Linux on the desktop
| -- sure, we've heard that before, and it's never gone anywhere. But
| as they say on Wall Street, past performance is no indication of
| future results.



Dell casts doubts on Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell today revealed that it will restore the option to use Windows XP on
| some of its home systems, marking a potentially damaging blow to
| Microsoft's hopes for the newer Windows Vista.
| [...]
| While a popular request through the company's IdeaStorm website, the
| choice was substantially outnumbered by requests for pre-installed
| Linux, US-based technical support, and other features -- pointing to a 
| larger general demand for the change. The turnaround may be a reflection of 
| an overall backlash against Vista, observed IDC analyst Richard Shim.


PC Makers Hedge on Vista Effect

,----[ Quote ]
| PC makers love to talk about the excitement surrounding Microsoft's
| new operating system. But their actions tell a slightly different
| story.
| More than a month after Vista's long-awaited release, some PC
| makers appear in no hurry to retire from their product catalog
| computers running the old Windows XP. 


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