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Re: [News] Dell Computers - Windows XP or GNU/Linux

>| In short, Microsoft has nothing to fear from people who remain interested
>| in XP. Rather, Redmond should perhaps start worrying about whether
>| there's finally an opening here for open source. Linux on the desktop
>| -- sure, we've heard that before, and it's never gone anywhere. But
>| as they say on Wall Street, past performance is no indication of
>| future results.

I'd say Linux is going somewhere...
If I were Microsoft, I wouldn't worry about Dell too much. I'd worry
more about the 5,000,000 laptops loaded with Linux on their way to
Africa.  By the way, you can download an ISO image to try for


And then there's China...that should give them some real nightmares.

And then there's Ubuntu 7.04 to be followed up by Gutsy in October.

And then there's all the download stats coming from the distro update
servers....in the millions.

And then there's a whole lot of installation success stories coming

And then there's IBM pushing the Linux desktop.

Even Wall Street appears to be getting wind of the Linux phenomenon.

And then of course, there's Dell basically telling Microsoft...you
have a problem with Vista.

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