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Re: [News] Yahoo Gets Closer to Google, Microsoft Faces Financial Challenges Beyond Debt

____/ ahlstrom on Friday 18 April 2008 01:44 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> A hidden Yahoo acquisition cost for Microsoft
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Microsoft's attempt to acquire Yahoo is expensive, but there could be a
>> | significant other expense for the software maker: retention bonuses.
>> `----
>> Microsoft looks rather frail. It's bullying Yahoo at the moment like an
>> insecure thug. Hubris.
>     Specifically, the paper said Microsoft's acquisition of Tellme
>     Networks, a deal valued at about $800 million, was supplemented by a
>     further $100 million to retain employees.
> Tellme more!
>     When McCue asked whether Tellme would have to move its software from
>     Sun Microsystems' Solaris version of Unix to Windows, Ballmer
>     replied, "No, no, we've learned our lesson," McCue recounted to the
>     Times. That could be a reference to the long and arduous transition
>     of Hotmail from FreeBSD Unix to Windows after Microsoft acquired the
>     e-mail service.

I'm not sure they ever migrated. A professor send me this some months ago:

,----[ Quote ]
| This one is in Danish, but you might be able to grasp
| some of the last line:
|       http://www.comon.dk/index.php/news/show/id=34420
| It looks like there is a rumor that the fellow was fired for doing his
| job, which means setting up a FOSS infrastructure.  I suppose HotMail
| still runs on FreeBSD, though it'd be hard to find out for sure.  The
| front end is obfuscated.

In reference to:

Microsoft replaces one Scott with another as CIO

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft’s former CIO, Stuart Scott, was terminated for violating company 
| policies in November. 


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