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Re: [News] Astroturfing by Comcast and Microsoft

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____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Sunday 17 August 2008 20:10 : \____

> <Quote>
> Yet King placed his name on an opinion article in the Harvard Crimson
> in March that took the opposite position [against a free internet]. It
> stated, "Most experts agree that broadband providers should be allowed
> to reasonably manage their networks," and it poked fun at the "idea
> that broadband networks should blindly treat each bit of information
> on the Internet equally."
> King's article appeared eight days after the Federal Communications
> Commission held a hearing at Harvard University's law school in
> February where commissioners slammed Comcast's throttling of
> BitTorrent and promised penalties that were formally approved this
> month. In the op-ed, King dubbed the event a "dog and pony show" and
> an "obsequious effort to reassure Silicon Valley special interests--
> like Google."
> There's one problem with this chronology. King may not have been the
> actual author. Instead, a secretive lobbying organization in
> Washington, D.C. called the LawMedia Group--hired by Comcast--did some
> or all of the writing. Comcast acknowledges that it "has a
> relationship" with LMG.
> </Quote>
> http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-10016960-38.html?hhTest=1
> Article goes on to say that Microsoft hired LMG in May, whereupon
> immediately several "grass roots" complaints hit Congress and the
> press criticizing the Google-Yahoo deal, coming from several bizarre-
> sounding "organizations".  It only cost Microsoft 6 figures/month,
> just the cost of doing business, folks.  Pretty cheap compared to a
> 500 million Euro fine.

LawMedia Group is small potatoes. For all the trolling you see on the Web they
also have Waggener Edstrom, FullSIX, Mr. Youth LLC, and many, many other
AstroTurfing agencies. They also have pressure groups like ISC, ACT, CompTIA
and selected 'analysts' or press talking heads. Try to find which one funds
those Munchkins that have plagued COLA for ages. Maybe they play musical
chairs. Slashdot is still being AstroTurfed by Microsoft.


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