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Re: Microsoft Finally Stops Calling "Obama" a Terrorist

On Aug 17, 7:44 pm, "Moshe Goldfarb." <brick_n_st...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Obama is using Linux servers on his web site, and appears to be a
> > friend of Open Source.

> Obama is an empty suit.

Actually he's a goofy looking guy in a suit.  Which is why he has the
best chance of winning.
Look at who we've elected since Kennedy - the goofiest looking guy
usually wins.

> If you listen to him carefully, he rarely says anything!

I was a big fan of McCain, from the 2000 primaries to the 2008
primaries, when he was a maverick and was making life miserable for
the Bush dynasty.  But then, when he had the nomination sowed up, he
starts snuggling up to the extreme right?  At least he hasn't shown up
standing shoulder to shoulder with members of the Arian brotherhood.

I wonder which "security patch" Microsoft used to provide the
"correct" spelling of Obama as Osama?  And how many months since then
have they had the chance to get it fixed?

It reminds me of Nixon's "Dirty Tricks Committee".  Nixon was a great
man who let himself be destroyed by his loyalty to some total idiots.
Unfortunately, I'm seeing McCain as being in much the same boat.  He's
a great man and would be a great leader, but he's tied himself too
tightly to the same people who controlled George Bush for 8 years.

Both McCain and Obama could flip the election based on their choices
of running mate.  If McCain chose Rice or Powell or even Romney, he
could get an advantage.  If Obama picks some old white guy, that could
cost him his lead.

The one GOOD thing is that no matter WHO wins the 2008 election, he
will be MUCH better than the idiot we almost elected in 2000.  And
Kerry was a bad choice in 2004 because there was all that video-tape
of him telling the senate the exact thing that John McCain had to be
tortured for 7 years before he said it.

Still, I'm sure that we'll have about a thousand "charities" using
their right to "free speech" to bash Oboma for being a Muslim
terrorist and black racist.  It won't matter that he was raised by his
white mother and that his Muslim father left when he was 4 and only
came back for a visit when he was 10.

I wonder if they have any video of him in high school or college when
he was "sorting out being black"?
It's quite likely that he would have tried to "prove" his black-ness
by embracing it, and putting down the "racist whites" aka "the man".

He obviously outgrew that stage, but some well-timed video could cost
a few points in the election.

> Moshe Goldfarb
> Collector of soaps

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