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Re: Olympic Videos not being offered to Linux Users by NBC

Verily I say unto thee, that Mark Kent spake thusly:
> Homer <usenet@xxxxxxxxxx> espoused:

>> When corporations veer too far from subsistence into greed, and
>> become the lawmakers by proxy, to pervert /opportunity/ into
>> /monopoly/, that's when business changes from being a healthy and
>> necessary function of society, into a vicious monster that
>> displaces democracy for fascism.
> The recent UK rules regarding requiring ISPs to shut down users
> merely on the say-so of the music industry is a really good example
> of rights being massively undermined.  There is no justification for
> ISPs to become judge, jury and executioner in order to maintain an
> ageing and arguably highly exploitative monopoly.

It's indicative of exactly how corrupt the UK government have become,
that they are so influenced by the MAFIAA® to pervert our democracy.

They're no longer the democratically elected representatives of the
people, but instead the /enemies/ of the people, who serve the demands
of greedy corporatists. Britain has essentially /become/ America. We
need a British, or at least European equivalent of Lessig to sort this
mess out, before it's too late, and we become a society ruled by martial
law, just as America currently is.


| By bucking Microsoft for open source, says Gunderloy, "I'm no
| longer contributing to the eventual death of programming."
| ~ http://www.linux.com/feature/142083

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