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Re: [News] Why GNU/Linux Beats Mac OS X

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____/ George on Thursday 14 August 2008 18:48 : \____

> In article <30497400.rlmkupHBJG@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>  Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Why Mac OS isn't the best OS around
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Finally, while Mac OS X is the security nightmare that's Windows, it's
>> | also less secure than Linux. In particular, I'm not quite sure what
>> | features Apple
>> | had in mind when they created QuickTime, but security clearly wasn't on
>> | the list. For example, in the last QuickTime update, the third of 2008,
>> | Apple fixed eleven!-count 'em eleven-security bugs.
>> |
>> | I love Mac OS, I really do, but as lovely as it is, it's not my true love
>> | when it comes to desktop operating systems.
>> `----
>> http://blogs.computerworld.com/why_mac_os_isnt_the_best_os_around
> First, I think the blogger meant "...*isn't* the security nightmare..."
> Second, QuickTime isn't Mac OS X but only an application designed to run
> on it, one that is available for Windows as well.
> This lack of Apple security crap smacks of the old BS about Macs being
> vulnerable to viruses. Everyone talks about them, but you don't actually
> see anything but hype by the antivirus industry to sell software. OS X
> was the best thing to ever happen to Apple, and this is largely due to
> the security and stability of its BSD/Darwin Unix core.
>> Why Mac OS X Sucks and Linux Rocks
> Is it necessary to put down the competition to advocate for your own
> position? As an OS X user (on my mac) and Ubuntu user (on my Dell) i
> largely agree with your advocacy, but I consider myself a *nix user on
> both platforms.

Fair point.

It's typically the BSD which I don't criticise much. As for Quicktime (worms),
iTunes (DRM), iPhone (kill switches) and other rigid components, they are as
user-hostile and harmful as Windows, at least in the long term, IMHO. The same
goes for companies like Google and IBM... swapping 'masters' leaves you
enslaved to software (and a vendor) that controls the users rather than just
selling a product to them. There was another "devil" before Microsoft. We
don't want to just replace Microsoft with another malicious tyrant, do we?
(no, not necessarily Apple, either)

The FSF relies on no single company. They realise they can be betrayed and
companies operate with other interests in mind. Collaborations like that which
you find around Linux (the kernel) is a positive example of how things can and
should be done. It doesn't stifle competition or slow down advancement.

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