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Re: [troll alert] 'The windows users I know ...

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Saturday 27 December 2008 10:20 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> High Plains Thumper on Friday :
>>> This is really sad.  It is similar to the last days of
>>> Iomega employees a decade ago, that astroturfed Iomega
>>> forums.  I posted several complaints of the failed (out of
>>> the box) Ditto 2G tape backup drive I purchased.
>>> Iomega tech support was extremely hard to reach and a toll
>>> call. It was also a sad moment that they put out of business
>>> a competing company, Syquest that made superior products to
>>> their cheap crap.
>>> Those perps called those with complaints of product
>>> performance and problematic tech support liars in similar
>>> manner, prior to receiving their pink slips, to their own
>>> surprise.
>>> To hit them in the pocket book would only be fair, for all
>>> the trouble they have caused in this forum.
>>> It is really sad that a competing commercial product cannot
>>> compete on its own personal merits but by its supporters
>>> sliming its competitors with the dirt and filth expressed by
>>> the trolls in this forum.
>> When companies do the cutting, they start with subsidiaries,
>> not the 'core' people. Microsoft already laid of some of their
>> advertising people and staff from FAST (they call it the
>> "Enron of Norway" because of the massive corruption). Sooner
>> or later they'll fire all those Munchkins whom they hire via
>> PR agencies like W-E.
>> We live in interesting times. Imagine an Internet without paid
>> shills. The Microsoft guy who wrote this literature
>> ("Evangelism is WAR" etc.) and gave those presentation at
>> Microsoft was in touch with me and another person from COLA.
>> He didn't even deny that Microsoft was doing it, but he could
>> only talk about it after it had been leaked (Come vs Iowa).
> I think you mean Comes (Iowa) vs Microsoft.

Yes, I typed that too fast. :-)

>> As Microsoft collapses, it's going to be important to bring
>> out all those secrets. It's one thing for a corrupt company to
>> fall but another to actually show that corruption while it
>> exists.
> There are assaults on Linux netbooks on vendor sites like
> Amazon.com, allegations that OEM implementation of Linux does not
> support webcams, ad nauseum.

Oh, that might be Marshall Goldberg and other Microsoft shills flooding the
site again.


For context see:


> These subtle lies have a purpose, to undermine legitimate sales.
> As pure crap, it is a form of industrial astroturfing, similar to
> what happened to the Packard automobile almost 60 years ago,
> claims it did not even have a reverse gear, contributing to the
> company's demise.

Yes, see the above. Read it and tell me with a straight face that Microsoft is
*not* a criminal organisation.

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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