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Re: Confession of a Microsoft Shilling Advocate

On Fri, 26 Dec 2008 20:25:54 -0800 (PST), nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

>> The thing you fail to realize Roy, is that *YOU* egage in exactly the same
>> behavior you pretend to loathe.
> You mean....writing letters to the editor using the names of dead
> people

You miscarachterize the event.  The letters were written with the people's
permission while they were alive, they were then sent to them to sign, but
dying before they could sign them and mail them. Family members crossed out
the dead relatives name and signed them in their own names.

The actual account is here:


"Utah officials found two of the pre-fab letters bore the typed names of
dead people. Those names had been crossed out by family members who signed
for them"

Notice how the actual account is different from what you purport it to be.
Why is that?  Could you be lying?  Nah, couldn't be.

So, lying is ok if you're lying about Microsoft, right?

> saturating news groups under multiple false names

So you're going to attribute the acts of attention seeking trolls to
Microsoft.  Again, very dishonest of you.

And for the record, Yes.  Roy does this, as do his friends.  One of his top
friends in his IRC channel is "twitter" from slashdot fame, who has dozens
of false accounts which he uses to hold conversations with himself.

> pretending to represent a "grass roots" movement?  Is that what you mean?

Yes, Roy does that.  You really don't think he spends all day spamming this
group, by his own admission more than 12 hours a day doing all the
research, maintaining his anti-microsoft hate website and spamming a dozen
other internet forums and news sites all for free do you?

Roy likes to pretend that "Boycott Novell" is a grass roots movement.  It's

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