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Re: [troll alert] 'The windows users I know ...

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Friday 26 December 2008 22:24 : \____

> This is really sad.  It is similar to the last days of Iomega
> employees a decade ago, that astroturfed Iomega forums.  I posted
> several complaints of the failed (out of the box) Ditto 2G tape
> backup drive I purchased.
> Iomega tech support was extremely hard to reach and a toll call.
> It was also a sad moment that they put out of business a
> competing company, Syquest that made superior products to their
> cheap crap.
> Those perps called those with complaints of product performance
> and problematic tech support liars in similar manner, prior to
> receiving their pink slips, to their own surprise.
> To hit them in the pocket book would only be fair, for all the
> trouble they have caused in this forum.
> It is really sad that a competing commercial product cannot
> compete on its own personal merits but by its supporters sliming
> its competitors with the dirt and filth expressed by the trolls
> in this forum.

When companies do the cutting, they start with subsidiaries, not the 'core'
people. Microsoft already laid of some of their advertising people and staff
from FAST (they call it the "Enron of Norway" because of the massive
corruption). Sooner or later they'll fire all those Munchkins whom they hire
via PR agencies like W-E.

We live in interesting times. Imagine an Internet without paid shills. The
Microsoft guy who wrote this literature ("Evangelism is WAR" etc.) and gave
those presentation at Microsoft was in touch with me and another person from
COLA. He didn't even deny that Microsoft was doing it, but he could only talk
about it after it had been leaked (Come vs Iowa).

As Microsoft collapses, it's going to be important to bring out all those
secrets. It's one thing for a corrupt company to fall but another to actually
show that corruption while it exists.

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                ~~ Best of wishes

"One smaller motivation which, in part, stems from altruism is

                --Vinod Valloppillil, Microsoft
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