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Re: OpenGL Gets DirectX/Microsoft's Knickers in a Twist

Verily I say unto thee, that aku ankka spake thusly:
> On 23 joulu, 01:07, Hadron <hadronqu...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Tim Smith <reply_in_gr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> In article <giosmb$9f...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Hadron
>>> <hadronqu...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>>> MS always had openGL support. Or rather the video drivers did.
>>>> What you DONT need is ANOTHER open standard from Apple. Are you
>>>> guys nuts?
>>> Yes, we do need it.  It is not what you think it is: 
>>> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenCL>
>> No. We dont need it.
> We don't need computers. We could all live in caves and eat berries, 
> fruits, etc. But that's besides the point. Check what the 'C' in 
> OpenCL stands for; it's not for graphics. It is for computing; doing 
> computations. There are a lot of interesting things you can compute 
> with a computer.. you still with us, or do we need to simplify this 
> for you?

Let me introduce Hadron Quark, affectionately known as COLA's Resident
"Expert" on Everything - Ever®, who is without exception the most stupid
person I have ever encountered in my entire life.

And I don't say this as some offhand insult, it is a simple statement of
fact. He makes Dubya Bush look like a Nobel Prize-winning mathematician
by comparison, so I'm afraid you'd be wasting your time simplifying the
truth for his benefit.

You could liquidise the truth with a pound of bananas, and spoon-feed it
to Hadron whilst carefully wiping the dribbles from his mouth, and he'd
still totally fail to understand.


| "At the time, I thought C was the most elegant language and Java
|  the most practical one. That point of view lasted for maybe two
|  weeks after initial exposure to Lisp."   ~ Constantine Vetoshev

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