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Re: [News] OpenGL Gets DirectX/Microsoft's Knickers in a Twist

Chris Ahlstrom wrote:

> After takin' a swig o' grog, Peter Köhlmann belched out
>   this bit o' wisdom:
>> Hadron wrote:
>>> its this fannying around that got OGL left behind in the first place.
>>> But of course COLA and reality are two different things ....
>> Idiot.
>> Now get google going and read what OpenCL is.
>> Hint: It is not at all what you think it is.
>> Whenever one thinks that you could impossibly come up with dumber posts,
>> you sure surprise anybody here. You can obviously always get dumber. And
>> you just did.
>> Now how about a rerun of your tripwire blunder, "kernel hacker" Hadron
>> Quark? By now you should be ready to repost misrepresented claims
> Let's not get into the game of retreading all of LHC's Linux/OSS
> blunders,
> shall we?  We haven't got all day.

Well, I did not propose that the linux advocates do the rerun.

Hadron "tripwire wizard" Quark did with his hilarious tripwire blunder. He
learned that special "debating technique" from Snot Michael Glasser who
also, when totally spanked, starts to open *new* threads, totally
misrepresenting what happened, and without any reference whatsoever to the
thread where he got spanked.

Hadron Quark is really a piece of work. I always thought that incredibly
dishonest swine like Snot Michael Glasser don't come in pairs, but seems I
am wrong. Snot Glasser has a twin brother equally dishonest and lying like
We may not return the affection of those who like us, 
but we always respect their good judgement.

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