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Re: Anyone want to try an experiment?

Andrew Halliwell wrote:

> Gary M. Stewart <gmstewart1953@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Here is my proposal for the new year.
>> Forget the past.

Um, no. One should remember the past -- if only to avoid making the same
mistakes all over again.

>> Stop the attacks.

Personal attacks: most certainly(*). Attacks on products/companies: no
promises here. It's nice to be able to put up a rant about some
stupid "feechure" or other demeaning qualities of products and their makers
once in a while. Just don't make up the problems, and stick to personal
experiences instead of endlessly repeating other people's laments.

*: With the possible exception of subtle sarcasm, perhaps. And no,
addressing people as "idiot", "liar", etcetera doesn't qualify as such.

>> Stop dragging up old news.

See previous point.

>> Stop the name calling.
>> Stop the trolling.

Good idea.

>> Stop the nym shifting.

I never understood the attraction of it, as it never seems to accomplish
very much.

> Oh, this is rich coming from the worst offender.

Hehe ... maybe he's seen the light. I can't deny that there appears to be a
slightly upward trend towards good manners and less childish behaviour.
Perhaps there's hope for this group after all, what with mr. Stewart and
others posting under their own name, and increasingly exhibiting a polite
and civilized demeanor. I know I all but gave up on personal namecalling
quite some time ago (with "Wintroll" being the worst still to slip through
occasionally), and it certainly makes one feel, how can I say, "cleaner".
Somehow being dragged through the mud doesn't make you feel half as dirty as
dragging someone else through the mud.

Richard Rasker

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