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Re: Anyone want to try an experiment?

On 2008-12-19, Peter Köhlmann <peter.koehlmann@xxxxxxxx> claimed:
> The racist, liar and software thief Gary Stewart (flatfish) wrote:
>> Here is my proposal for the new year.
>> Forget the past.
>> Stop the attacks.
>> Stop dragging up old news.
>> Stop the name calling.
>> Stop the trolling.
>> Stop the nym shifting.
>> How about discussing the topic?
>> Clean, honest factual debate.
>> If Schestowitz isn't interested, and I doubt he will be because his
>> allegiance lies elsewhere, we all kill file him and ignore his posts.
>> If he chooses to join the discussion, outside his spam routine, fine and
>> we treat it separately.
>> His massive spewage is mostly ignored anyway.
>> IOW a clean slate.
>> Any takers?
> Do you actually think people are stupid enough to believe that you would
> stop trolling, lying and nymshifting?
> You have no honesty, you will never stop this shite you are doing, flatfish

Yep. I'm a believer.*

Flatso "left" a number of times.

Flatshit "used linux" once or twice, and actually "liked it" except for
a few "problems".

The "flatfish project" ended once upon a time.

Flatfart used to work in "I/T" awhile back. I believe s/h/it also
worked at "IBM" at some point.

Flatfuck was "a team" of people.

Flathead's "girlfriend" used to sometimes post, which made it appear
there were at least two people doing it (versus the multiple
personalities of the real Gary).

* Rather, I would be if I was a Monkee.

I am a genius and there's nothing I can do about it.
-- Captain Beefheart

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