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[News] In Praise of Puppy GNU/Linux

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Five Reasons to Make Friends with Puppy Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| By now, you might have noticed that I'm a big fan of Puppy Linux. I wrote 
| about this tiny Linux distro in Linux (Pro) Magazine, and extol its virtues 
| at any given opportunity. It is the distro I'm running on my workhorse ASUS 
| Eee PC 701 4G netbook, and it helps me to stay productive not only in 
| airports, cafés, and hotel rooms but also at home. But if you are still  
| undecided whether you should give Puppy Linux a try, here are five reasons 
| why this little gem deserves a closer look.     



Checking out the Neighbors, part III

,----[ Quote ]
| Puppy Linux impressed me with the extra effort put into explaining the
| configuration dialogs, and offering some choices right off the LiveCD (like
| XVesa or Xorg and jwm or fvwm95). There are a lot of HOW-TOs and other
| helpful write-ups on the forums. I was quite surprised at how large the
| forums there were - I would not have thought Puppy Linux had that large a
| community.
| Regretably, I had to give up on Puppy because of the screen problems. It
| really bugs me it doesn’t show up in the screenshots. I also threw in the
| Ubuntu 8.10 LiveCD just to make sure it wasn’t some sort of continuing
| problem (it wasn’t).


Puppy Linux - revisited - Absolutely stunning!

,----[ Quote ]
| Puppy is a lean, mean menace. It's simple, light, fast, stable, and
| beautiful. It offers the users a complete experience out of the box.
| Configurations are driven by simple menus, without any need for advanced
| Linux knowledge.
| Even if you're just a curious Windows user, Puppy is definitely for you.
| You'll get multimedia support for all sorts of audio and video files, without
| any worry about installing strange things. And you even have an anti-virus
| should a need arise. Sharing network resources has never been simpler.
| The live CD also allows you to perform rescue, backup and auditing of
| installed systems, be they Linux or Windows, offering you leverage in case of
| a disaster.
| On top of all that, Puppy is productive, with a broad range of excellent,
| useful programs for just about anyone.
| I have always loved Puppy, but version 4.1 surpasses even my optimism. It's
| truly magnificent.


Puppy 4.1: What’s Not to Like?

,----[ Quote ]
| Here is the Desktop which is built on JWM a lightweight but fast desktop
| option.  The graphics may not meet the options of a full blown Linux distro
| but you cannot install a regular distro on older machines.  Puppy will not
| only use less resources but you will find that it is much faster as you do
| not have to deal with all the eye-candy drags…   If speed and the ability to
| run Linux on an old piece of junk is what you need, what’s not to like about
| Puppy 4.1….thanks Puppy developers!


Puppy Linux 4.1 Retro ScreenShots

,----[ Quote ]
| I was very pleased with Puppy Linux 4.1! The interface was smooth and easy to
| use.


An Old Dog Learns Some New Tricks With Puppy Linux 4

,----[ Quote ]
| Puppy Linux version 4 is a good choice if you're looking for a portable Linux
| OS, writes reviewer Jack Germain. You can load it onto a thumb drive and run
| it from multiple PCs, taking all your personal settings with you. Its tiny
| size comes with a few shortcomings, however.


Puppy Linux 4.0

,----[ Quote ]
| The rest of the software appears to be unchanged from my last review. Again,
| I like Puppy Linux and I think they continue to create a good lightweight
| distro with lots of programs. It seems to be very functional - unlike other
| lightweight distros it appears to have a program for each task you might need
| to do.


Puppy Linux 4.0 on my old laptop: it's getting better

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently I tried one of my fav distro, Puppy Linux, on my very old laptop
| Toshiba Tecra 8200.
| And this time I found a pleasant surprise.


Puppy Linux 4.00 is barking up the right tree

,----[ Quote ]
| In summary, the new Puppy 4.00 release is the cat's meow. Puppy Linux 4.00 is
| fast, reliable (on my systems it ran for days with no issue), has good
| wireless support, new scanner tools that work well, all the necessary
| multimedia codecs, and has a minimalistic yet usable approach that allows
| older computers to be functional machines again. Puppy also excels as a
| rescue CD or OS. Puppy also has good documentation already built in for new
| users and has active online forums.

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