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[News] Mandriva Linux Works Perfectly Out of the Box (Including Stubborn WiFi)

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Mandriva 2008 - Best Linux for Laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| As I stated in my last post, I was working on getting my Laptop(LG RD400) to 
| work with Linux. I was looking forward to some Linux Distribution that would 
| support all my hardware out of the box, specially my WLAN(Wifi), as this is 
| the only piece of hardware that is usually gives trouble with Linux.    


Linux still has better hardware support than Windows (and not just Vista). No
need for driver disks and downloads.


Linux Driver Project Status Report as of April 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Driver Project (LDP) is alive and well, with over 300 developers 
| wanting to participate, many drivers already written and accepted into the 
| Linux kernel tree, and many more being currently developed. The main problem 
| is a lack of projects. It turns out that there really isn't much hardware 
| that Linux doesn't already support. Almost all new hardware produced is 
| coming with a Linux driver already written by the company, or by the 
| community with help from the company.



Linux device driver project needs more unsupported devices to work on!

,----[ Quote ]
| The problem is that even though Kroah-Hartman and his developers are willing 
| to sign NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) for companies that are reluctant to 
| open up their devices to open source, businesses are still hanging 
| back. "What we need now is more companies participating in the project," 
| Kroah-Hartman said.    
| [...]
| He also wondered if the problem of Linux device drivers has been 
| overstated... 

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