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[News] 1,200,000 More LOCs in GPLv3 Domain, DRM- and Vendor-free Literature Coming Also

  • Subject: [News] 1,200,000 More LOCs in GPLv3 Domain, DRM- and Vendor-free Literature Coming Also
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 04:08:40 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Freelance
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Volantis Mobility Server goes open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Mobile content delivery solutions vendor Volantis Systems released its 
| Mobility Server to the open source community under version three of the GNU 
| General Public License, in total opening 1.2 million lines of code developed 
| over seven years.   


The Internet Archive Keeps Book-Scanning Free

,----[ Quote ]
| While Google has made headlines over the last two years for scanning 
| thousands of copyrighted works for its Book Search project, the Internet 
| Archive is quietly digitizing around 1,000 public domain titles every day.  
| For those picturing an efficient, automated process involving robotic arms 
| and high-tech scanners, the scanning at the University of California's  
| Northern Regional Library Facility is relatively primitive. With monastic 
| diligence, workers sit in book-scanning stations and manually turn pages all 
| day long.   


Can't ever trust Google and Microsoft with these things. They sell information,
not preserve it.

The US Library of Congress, Boston Public Library and British Library may have
already broken the law by selling public data to corporations that use it for
their monopolies.


Information Liberation

,----[ Quote ]
| Other than in the realm of life-saving medicine, why should any of this 
| matter to nonacademics? Well, for one thing, barriers to the spread of 
| information are bad for capitalism. The dissemination of knowledge is almost 
| as crucial as the production of it for the creation of wealth, and knowledge 
| (like people) can't reproduce in isolation. It's easy to scoff at the rise of 
| Madonna studies and other risible academic excrescences, but a flood of truly 
| important research pours from campuses every day. The infrastructure that 
| produces this work is surely one of America's greatest competitive 
| advantages.        
| In fact, open access might help to moderate some of the worst forms of 
| academic hokum, if only by holding them up to the light of day -- and perhaps 
| by making taxpayers, parents and college donors more careful about where they 
| send their money. Entering the realm of delirium for a moment, one can even 
| imagine public exposure encouraging professors in the humanities and social 
| sciences to write in plain English.     
| Keeping knowledge bottled up is also bad for the world's poor; indeed, 
| opening up the research produced on America's campuses via the Internet is 
| probably among the most cost-effective ways of helping underdeveloped 
| countries rise from poverty. Closer to home, open access to scholarly work 
| via the Internet would help counteract the plague of plagiarism that the 
| Internet itself has abetted. Anyone suspecting a scholar of such chicanery 
| could search for a phrase or two in Google and see if somebody else's work 
| turns up with the same unusual text string.       


1.8 million rulings online -- and free

,----[ Quote ]
| Sebastopol man posts half-century's worth of court decisions which could 
| shake up $5 billion legal publishing industry 


Berkman Center and CALI Partner to Create New Legal Education Resource

,----[ Quote ]
| “We are looking forward to renewing a fruitful relationship with Harvard Law 
| School through the Legal Education Commons project, which will provide 
| innovative tools and access to open-licensed course materials to our more 
| than 200 member law schools” said CALI Executive Director John Mayer.   


Harvard Research to Be Free Online

,----[ Quote ]
| Harvard University will soon begin posting research and articles produced by 
| its faculty on the Internet free of charge. 


A Quest to Get More Court Rulings Online, and Free

,----[ Quote ]
| The domination of two legal research services over the publication of federal 
| and state court decisions is being challenged by an Internet gadfly who has 
| embarked on an ambitious project to make more than 10 million pages of case 
| law available free online.   


Announcing the Open Library

,----[ Quote ]
| Early this year, when I left my job at Wired Digital, I thought I could look 
| forward to months of lounging around San Francisco, reading books on the 
| beach and drinking fine champagne and eating foie gras. Then I got a phone 
| call. Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive was thinking of pursuing a 
| project that I'd been trying to do literally for years.    
| [...]
| So today I'm extraordinarily proud to announce the Open Library project. Our
| goal is to build the world's greatest library, 


Wikipedia Founder Joins EC Open Access Campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said he signed a petition calling
| on the European Commission to give the public open access to
| taxpayer-funded scientific research because it was "simple and
| obvious" that the public should have access to research they
| had funded. "Public money should result in public benefit,"
| he added.


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