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[News] Another Line of Blade Servers Runs Only GNU/Linux

Die-shrunk Cell processor, blade run Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Big Blue touts the openness of Linux as helping data center managers improve 
| power efficiency. The AS22 ships with a newly upgraded Software Development 
| Kit (SDK) for Multicore Acceleration v3 based on Red Hat's forthcoming 
| Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.2. The SDK is said to offer enhancements and 
| templates leveraging the QS22's new features (see diagram at right). The SDK 
| includes an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE), 
| performance tools, as well as Accelerated Library Framework (ALF) and Data 
| Communication and Synchronization (DaCS) libraries. In addition, the company 
| has made available thousands of pages of technical documentation on the 
| Cell/B.E. Architecture, including a free, full-system simulator.          


The Demographics of i Sales and Shipments

,----[ Quote ]
| While Linux is nowhere near as popular at i shops, spending came to $200 
| million, with 36 percent of midrange shops having Linux somewhere in their 
| data centers and 35 percent of large enterprises having Linux. HP has the 
| biggest piece of the Linux pie within the IBM OS/400-i5/OS-i installed 
| base--a bit embarrassing considering that the iSeries got native support for 
| Linux eight years ago--followed up by IBM's own 19 percent spending share, 
| Dell's 14 percent share, and Sun Microsystems' 5 percent share.      


Last week:

NYSE Euronext banks on Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| If anyone out there persists in believing that Linux isn't ready for serious
| prime time, NYSE Euronext's dependence on Red Hat should finally lay that
| silly notion to rest. As announced, the New York Stock Exchange Euronext
| dumped its proprietary UNIX heritage (AIX, HP UX, Solaris) for the freedom,
| flexibility, and performance of Linux.


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