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Comments about Roy's posts...

  • Subject: Comments about Roy's posts...
  • From: Snit <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 10:59:01 -0700
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  • Thread-topic: Comments about Roy's posts...
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I recently pointed out how Roy S. is repeatedly posting information about
Apple, MS, their products and their CEOs.  He is doing so in a way that
*strongly* suggests automation.

So far nobody has been able to offer a reason or a defense against his
actions.  I have been told, though, that his comments are "on topic" (an
absurd claim used by both Tattoo Vampire and Peter Köhlmann) and that my
pointing out his actions somehow suggests I cannot block his posts (an
absurd lie shared by Peter Köhlmann and William "Geoff M. Fitton" Poaster).

I have also been called names and had insults spewed my way.  All because I
pointed out a clear *fact*... a fact about material being directly posted to
COLA.  No digging up of dirt on anyone or any of the BS that others in COLA
have done.

The people who defend Roy are *clearly* showing their bias.  Clearly.  Roy
has been deemed a "good guy" because he is a Linux apologist, so other Linux
apologists come to his defense no matter how outrageous his actions are.

Worse than just defending his outrageous actions, though, they lash out and
lie about anyone who points out the facts about his posts.  This is
despicable of them.

And their response, predictably, will be to lash out against me more.  They
*know* I am right and they have *no* defense for their actions nor Roy's.
There is no possible defense.  Read their inevitable responses for proof.

I am one of only .3% of people who have avoided becoming a statistic.

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