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Re: 2 days of Roy Schestowitz's duplicates

"Tattoo Vampire" <sitting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> stated in post
trcpcnggfk5z.dlg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on 11/29/08 9:18 AM:

> Snit wrote:
>> What else would you call it?
> On topic.

Posting the same things over and over is perfectly fine for you as long as
it is at least mildly on topic.  OK.  And that includes any computer topic:
iPhone, Apple, podcasting, the iTunes store, Psystar, Steve Jobs, Microsoft,
Ballmer, Vista, Windows viruses, etc.

All of those, according to *you* are "On topic." and it is perfectly fine to
post information about them *repeatedly* to COLA.


Good to know.  Seems your opinion is shared by many in COLA, even if I

> Now explain why Roy's posts get your panties in so big of a wad. Seriously.
> Why do they bother you so? You know what a killfile is, right? Use it and
> quit bitching.

I am just curious why people excuse his spamming.  Now I know: you have
expanding your idea of what is "On topic." to include many, many things -
pretty much anything computer related - and you do not mind if such things
are posted over and over and over in a way that *strongly* suggests

Thanks for making that clear.  I truly appreciate it.  I suspect others will
appreciate you sharing your view as well.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do
nothing. - Unknown

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