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Re: Microsoft Layoffs... Again

On 2008-11-28, William Poaster <wp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:

> Flatfish is IMO a typical kook.  S/h/it will disguise themselves as another
> poster & will sometimes shift identities several times a day. The
> troll/kook will even directly reply to a post s/h/it made earlier when
> using another identity - in order to pester the readers of certain
> newsgroups. S/h/it also makes abundant use of (anonymizing) proxies and
> different types of newsreaders - among which, of course, is Google Groups.
> S/h/it mainly focuses on /comp.os.linux.advocacy/ & often cross-posts
> to M$ or Mac groups, & other groups which have *nothing* whatever to do with *any* OS.
> One trait is that Flatfish will start a thread just to draw replies, then will
> suddenly crosspost to other groups to draw in more arguments, such
> as /alt.os.windows-xp/  & windows-vista groups. I understand
> that /alt.os.windows-xp/ is known to be the home for a few trolls, including
> their own moderator - & flatfish/ isn't **even welcome there anymore**.
> And *that* says a lot!
> Flatfish has a *very* recognisable writing style, which I'm sure you'll
> pick up on, & has one *very* recognisable trait. Flatfish does this in
> *all* his posts, regardless of nymshifts. IMO he hasn't a *clue* what
> gives him away, &  *this* is perhaps one of the things that he's phishing
> for when he asks for proof that his latest nymshift is indeed him.  It
> could well be, that Flatfish is totally unaware that he is doing it. This
> is what makes him easy to identify.
> S/h/it will also make typical references in their posts **to things they said
> earlier**, e.g. See the post- Moshe Goldfarb" IS "flatfish -from A Gnu World
> Order (I wonder who *that* is)
> S/h/it will also speak of GNU/Linux advocates as LIEnux liars.
> You'll regularly see s/h/it posting, either under the /flatfish+++/ pseudonym,
> or under an (often female) nickname, complete with throwaway e-mail addresses
> from Yahoo or Google.
> If s/h/it posts something bad about GNU/Linux, you'll quickly know who it is,
> because s/h/it won't stick to a single thread - & typically starts two, or
> even more if s/h/it's in one of their psychotic moods again.
> Once again, posing as a female, s/h/it also often recycles the pseudonyms,
> the throwaway e-mail addresses & s/h/it's posts.
> S/h/it also has a clear penchant for racism, & an obsession with oral sex that
> often surfaces in s/h/its choice of pseudonyms.

One more thing. 's/h/it' was created to label Flatfish's gender. Though
it may have been created expressly for Flatso, I personally find it
works well to label most trolls carrying unknown or questionable sexual
identities, like Hadron Quack and Doofie. Sort of like 'Flatfish' works
well as generic label for nearly all trolls.

I like to watch the news, because I don't like people very much and when
you watch the news ... if you ever had an idea that people were really
terrible, you could watch the news and know that you're right.
-- Frank Zappa

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