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Re: $75 Single-board Computer Comes with Linux Preinstalled

Sandeep Kumar <deep8391720122@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> WRT to the single board computer my mom had a Mercedes with what I was told
> was a Windows based 'brain'. She kept getting locked out of her own car,
> the car would turn off all by itself, alarm would false trigger, the audio
> system stopped working,the car would not start and literally 100 other
> different and intermittent problems.The dealer finally replaced the
> computer and all was fine.I was told the Windows software was to blame but
> I certainly have no proof of this.Whatever it was a Mercedes is not
> supposed to behave like that.

My Honda has a navigation system that is apparently Windoze-powered.
No indication on boot or during usage (other than a braindead interface),
but the manual lists Microsoft copyrights.

*Amazingly*, it shipped with malware:

I'm driving to Myrtle Beach down Hwy 501, and all of the sudden the
navi goes "Take the next right turn, then immediate left turn."  I keep
going straight and look at the map where it shows me going down "Dave's
shortcut road" or something like that.  A quarter mile later the navi
says, "Take the next left turn, then immediate right turn."  This would
put me back on the road I've continued along.  The funny thing is that
this "Dave's Shortcut Road" is not even a *road*.  It would take me
through some parking lots and a couple of backyards.  Same thing coming
back on the other side of the road.  This time it's "[Somebody Else's]
Shortcut Road."  Wonder what other easter eggs this crapware comes with.

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