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Re: NT file usage is more complicated than on UNIX

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____/ Homer on Tuesday 25 November 2008 01:21 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> notepad hasn't caught up even with vim.
> Comparing notepad to vim is like comparing a candle to a nuclear
> reactor. Notepad is little more than a Sticky Notes application,
> without the stickiness. Wordpad is a hairs-breadth better than
> notepad, but frankly there simply isn't anything in Microsoft's
> portfolio that's anything close to a real text editor.
> There's the WYSIWYG stuff like the all-singing Word, of course,
> that's bloated up to the hilt with crap designed to make Web pages
> with miles of embedded; MSO-specific garbage, if someone should be
> stupid enough to want to fire up that behemoth just to edit a source file.
It's limitation /by design/. There's no digital scarcity.

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Internet and Open Source projects is not your enemy. It is your friend, the
source of basic research that you can turn into your next generation of
                --Tim O’Reilly
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