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[News] Free/Open Source Makes Killer Applications, Does Not Kill Ecosystem

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Killer open source monitoring tools (InfoWorld)

,----[ Quote ]
| In the real estate world, the mantra is location, location, location. In the 
| network and server administration world, the mantra is visibility, 
| visibility, visibility. If you don't know what your network and servers are 
| doing at every second of the day, you're flying blind. Sooner or later, 
| you're going to meet with disaster.    


Is open source killing developers’ ability to cash in?

,----[ Quote ]
| Look at what Codeweavers has done. They played off of the Linux community’ 
| need for games and for Microsoft Office. To that end they create a software 
| that will allow Linux users to enjoy the two things they wanted the most: 
| Games and Office. They had them. And now Crossover Games supports over 5,000 
| titles. But Codeweavers is one-upping everyone. They have a program in place 
| where users can get free copies of their software in return for spreading the 
| word, monitoring forums, and helping to make their code better. Not only does 
| this fill the users’ need for software, it fills the business need for bug 
| testing and PR. Smart move.        



Open Source Is No "Get-Rich-Quick Scheme" But If You Get It Right...

,----[ Quote ]
| How true is that. But money is being made with Open Source. Some make
| spectacular money by exploiting Open Source (Google, Apple) and some things
| wouldn't even exist without it (Internet, Software as a Service, Cloud
| Computing) - so it really boils down to finding the right business model.

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